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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Staten Island mansion once belonging to murdered Gambino Boss lists for $16.8 Million

This made manse is on the market. 

A baroque bit of local legend is looking for a new owner, one who doesn’t mind this palatial property having some bloody former associates.

In Staten Island’s tony Todt Hill — the highest natural point on the East Coast — a 33,000-square-foot mansion that once belonged to Gambino crime family boss “Big Paul” Castellano has listed for an ambitious $16.8 million, according to social media chatter and the Staten Island Advance. 

Castellano commissioned the residence — which has eight bedrooms — after he succeeded his brother-in-law, Carlo Gambino, as the syndicate’s don in 1976. 

He designed the opulent property to have a pillared portico and a circular, fountain-equipped drive so it would resemble the White House. Indeed, that’s how it’s known in the neighborhood, The Post reported in 2015 when Hillary Clinton had a fundraiser at the Benedict Road abode. 

The four-story compound was completed in 1980, and the kingpin called it home until his infamous 1985 murder, when John Gotti had him gunned down outside of Manhattan’s Sparks Steak House. 

With Castellano out of the way, Gotti then took over the family and earned the nickname “Dapper Don” before losing a battle with cancer and dying in prison at age 61 in 2002. 

The Castellano name has, however, continued to appear in the headlines — including in 2013, when Paul’s grandson was arrested for illegal waste carting.

The home last changed hands shortly before then, in 2000, when Selim “Sal” Rusi bought it for $3.1 million.

Public records now show that the place has a total of three owners and has been extensively redone since Castellano’s time there, according to the Advance. 

In addition to its gangster history, the manse also has a boss-level amount of lavish amenities. 

All those eight bedrooms have an ensuite bath — and an enormous balcony spans the backside of the property.

There’s also a home theater, a gym, a sauna, a “personal beauty parlor,” a wine cellar, a solarium, a library, an elevator, a 13-car showroom, and both indoor and outdoor pools, according to the listing, which is held by Connie Profaci Realty. 



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