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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Junior Gotti says stone agony 'worse than childbirth' in bid to get freed on bail

John GottiFormer Gambino Boss John Gotti by 4PIZON via Flickr

Maybe he should just have a baby.

Lawyers for former Gambino Acting Boss John A. "Junior" Gotti say the excruciating pain he's endured from kidney stones is far worse than the pain only a woman could know.

"It is common knowledge that the pain associated with kidney stones is worse than childbirth," Gotti lawyers Charles Carnesi and John Meringolo write in court papers filed Tuesday.

The lawyers made the painful comparison in a bid to get the mob scion freed on bail before the start of his September racketeering trial.

They call it "cruel and unusual punishment" to leave Gotti locked up in a Brooklyn jail cell without getting him the proper medical treatment to cure infections from kidney stones.

"The government glosses over the incontrovertible fact Mr. Gotti was left to suffer the agonizing pain of kidney stones," the lawyers write.

In a footnote, they add: "Fortunately, the writer of the government opposition has never experienced the excruciating pain of kidney stones."

To back up their claim, the lawyers sent Judge Kevin Castel a link to a medical Web site in which women who've endured both take Gotti's side.

"I had a kidney stone after giving birth to two daughters," one writer said. "Childbirth has nothing on kidney stones. When you are in labor the pain is like a wave. With a kidney stone it is constant. I would have 10 births before ever wanting to go through the pain of a stone."

For the fourth time in five years, Gotti, 45, is fending off a laundry list of crimes that date back to the mid-1980s.

Gotti is accused of three gangland slayings, as well as drug trafficking and extortion. Three previous trials ended in hung juries.

A bail hearing is set for today.

NY Daily News


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