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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vinny Gorgeous petitions for visits by his son

Vincent BascianoImage via Wikipedia

Lawyers for Vincent Basciano (pictured to right) have asked that he be allowed visits from Debra Kalb, the woman with which he fathered a son, in the Metropolitan Detention Center. Attorney Richard Jasper and others wrote after the MDC said regulations didn't permit a visit by Kalb. "The MDC policies cited in the government's letter, have the effect of severing the defendant's relationship with his 7 year old son, and his son' mother," the attorneys wrote. The lawyers said Basciano' ability to parent his youngest son from prison is mitigation if the death penalty should have to be considered. Basciano has in the past had visits with his youngest son, Anthony, in the confines of Brooklyn federal court. Basciano is awaiting trial later this year and is being held under strict administrative measures at the MDC.



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