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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waterfront cops guard against the Mob - but not on nights or weekends

Waterfront Commission cops are charged with guarding the docks against the Mafia and other criminals - as long as it's not at night or on weekends.

Detectives for the famed police force have been working bankers' hours since late last year, the Daily News has learned.

"It's a joke," complained a source familiar with the police division's schedule. "Does the mob work Monday through Friday?"

Commission Executive Director Walter Arsenault said he would like to put a night shift back into action sometime soon, but defended the weekdays-only schedule.

"We have limited resources and have to try to pick the right priorities," Arsenault said.

Earlier this month, New York's inspector general blasted the bi-state agency as being rife with patronage, corruption and mismanagement.

The findings led New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine to fire Commissioner Michael Madonna.

Arsenault said the police division - with a force of about 50 cops - had lost sight of its mission by trying to act like first responding defenders of New York Harbor.

The commission's meat and potatoes, he said, should be investigations of organized crime and fair hiring practices.

"We don't do patrol. That's the Port Authority's responsibility," Arsenault said.

Law enforcement sources said in addition to day shifts, the commission police used to work 3p.m. to 11 p.m. shifts and some weekends checking longshoremen's licenses, looking for no-show jobs and enforcing waterfront rules of conduct.

The commission was founded in 1953 to root out crime and organized crime's influence on the docks, as depicted in the acclaimed film "On the Waterfront."



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