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Friday, September 18, 2009

Famous NYPD Detective Sold Information To Gambino Crime Family

Back when he was still an NYPD detective, celebrity private eye Bo Dietl betrayed prosecutors by selling sensitive information to the Gambino crime family, a mob snitch told the feds, according to an FBI report obtained by The Post.
The allegation against Dietl, a fixture on cable TV, was one in a slew of accusations by Mafia turncoat John Alite, the prosecution's key witness at the upcoming racketeering and murder trial of mob scion John "Junior" Gotti.
Over the past two years, Alite, a Gambino associate who allegedly helped Junior run drugs, told the FBI that a dirty dozen crooked cops leaked case info, sold drugs and committed armed robbery and murder throughout the 1980s.
Alite claimed that Dietl took payoffs from Richie Gotti, brother of the late "Dapper Don" John Gotti, in exchange for information about cases and the identities of informants.
"For this punk to say I took a penny from Richard Gotti, he's a f- - -ing liar," Dietl, whose life was portrayed in the 1998 film "One Tough Cop," told The Post.
Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's NYPD-detective driver was also on the take, Alite told the FBI.
Alite was a witness earlier this year in the Brooklyn federal trial of hit man Charles Carneglia and will star again at Junior's upcoming trial -- his fourth in four years. The previous three ended in mistrials.
The FBI report quotes Alite saying that legendary crime-fighter Joe Coffey, who personally arrested Gotti Sr. three times, passed sensitive information to a crooked ex-cop named Phil Baroni, who Alite also claims later worked for Dietl's firm.
"I never heard of this guy, I don't know this guy, I never heard of Alite," said Coffey, onetime head of the city's Organized Crime Task Force. "This is 100 percent bulls- - -." Dietl, too, said he'd never heard of Baroni.
Alite also connected Baroni and Suffolk cop Nick Tobia to the 1988 slaying of drug dealer George Grosso in Queens, one of two murders added to Gotti's indictment last month. Baroni fed information to the Gambino crime family from an NYPD detective identified as Morgenthau's driver, the report alleges.
One former NYPD officer is under investigation based on Alite's claims, a source said.
Gotti Jr. has pleaded not guilty to the racketeering and drug-related slayings.
"We hope that the government looks into Mr. Alite's false allegations against Mr. Dietl and rips up his agreement before he perjures himself," said Junior Gotti attorney John Meringolo.



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