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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bo Dietle Demands Investigation

Bo Dietl, the NYPD-detective-turned-celebrity-detective accused by Gambino-hitman-turned-FBI-informant John Alite of being mobbed up, is demanding that federal prosecutors investigate the leaked allegations as reported by Murrary Weiss for the New York Post:

"It's offensive when I have built up a reputation, and now someone leaks this out from lying murderers making a deal," Dietl told The Post. He was in Italy visiting his late mother's home city when he heard that a former John "Junior" Gotti crew member, John Alite, told the FBI that he saw Dietl taking cash from Gotti's uncle, Richard, outside a Queens car wash in the mid-1980s. "How come no one ever came and questioned me about this?" Dietl said. * * * Dietl said he immediately flew home when he learned of the report. "I was sick to my stomach that someone might actually believe this garbage," he said.

Credible law enforcement officials are standing with Dietl including former mob buster Gregory O'Connell, and Dietl plans on holding a news conference on Monday.


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