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Friday, September 11, 2009

Bonanno Bosses dissed recently sentenced Soldier

Gino Galestro, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier in the week for orchestrating the murder of Robert McKelvey in early 2005 on Staten Island, was dumped on by former boss Joseph Massino and Vincent Basciano, court records show. Galestro, a reputed Bonanno member, was convicted for his role in the murder and despite pleas for leniency got his with a 240 month term by Brooklyn federal judge Allyne Ross. Readers of "King of The Godfathers" know that Massino taped some conversations he had with Basciano and in one of them both mobsters belittled Galestro's life as a mob guy.

"I got new for you, you know, Gino's not supposed to be in this life either though, Bo," Basciano said to Massino, according to a transcript of the recording. "You happen to be very right," answered Massino. When Massino rhetorically asked what he should do now, Basciano said "you shelf him," meaning make Galestro inactive. "Throw him out of the family...He never did nothin'. He doesn't know any, you throw him out of the family," said Massino, court records show.

McKelvey was killed at a famous mansion on Staten Island.


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