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Monday, September 7, 2009

Feds Say Massino To Be Called

Vincent BascianoBonanno Crime Family Boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano Wikipedia

Break out the copies of "The King of The Godfathers." Federal prosecutors said in a letter dated September 4, 2009 that they expect to call former Bonanno Boss Joseph Massino as a witness in Vincent Basciano's federal death penalty trial. Prosecutors have said as much previously in court hearings that Massino would highly likely to be called. Now they have said the same in writing. Assistant U.S. Attoneys John Buretta, Taryn Merkel and Nicole Argentieri also said in their letter to Judge Nicholas Garaufis that Massino's health shouldn't be a problem so there is no need for the defense to take his deposition as a precaution to him being too ill to testify at trial. Massino secretly taped Basciano in early 2005 and those conversations are at the root of the death penalty count involving the

Joseph MassinoTurncoat Bonanno Boss Joseph "Big Joe" Massino via Wikipedia

homicide of Randolph Pizzolo, as well as the alleged plot to kill prosecutor Greg Andres. The last time Massino was seen in court was in June 2005 when he was sentenced to a life term for his racketeering conviction. As noted in King Of The Godfathers, Massino began trying to cooperate with officials as soon as he was convicted in July 2004. The start date for Basciano's trial is still unclear and may be delayed until the beginning of 2010. http://tonydestefano.com/id3.html


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