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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mob witnesses to be sentenced soon

Vincent Rossetti, the Howard Beach dad who prosecutors said played ball with the mob, is scheduled to be sentenced on November 7, 2009 by Judge Ray Dearie in Brooklyn federal court. As readers of King of The Godfathers know, Rossetti and his fashionable wife Yvonne, became central figures in a Bonanno extortion case. Both Rossettis cooperated with law enforcement. But it turned out that Vincent had alot of problems, not the least of which was a guilty plea to a federal information in which he admitted to his part in a racketeering conspiracy, court records show. That plea took place in December 2006. Rossetti admitted to the conspiracy count, involving securities fraud and extortion, court records show. In addition the information accused him of a count of health care fraud. The information doesn't explain the latter but the charge sounds similar to what his wife plead to earlier this year in the same courthouse. Vincent testified for the government in the trial of Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia and said the government would write him a 5k-1 letter, bringing to Dearie's attention his cooperation. What Dearie will do at sentencing is anyone's guess. Yvonne may be sentenced in October.



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