Updated news on the Gambino, Genovese, Bonanno, Lucchese and Colombo Organized Crime Families of New York City.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The NY Mafia's Greatest "Hits"

Bonnano crime family associate, Louis Tuzzio, lies slumped in the driver's seat of his Chevrolet Camero. He was murdered by the Bonanno family on January 3, 1990.

The casket containing legendary gangster Joey Gallo exits Guido's Funeral Home in his old neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Gallo was gunned down at Umberto's Clam House in Little Italy on April 7, 1972, after a night out with actor Jerry Orbach and his wife. Orbach was prepping for his role in a movie version of Jimmy Breslin's "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight."
Gallo's execution came 10 years after he first ignited an internal war in the Colombo family.
Dec. 16, 1985. The body of Gambino crime family boss, Paul "Big Paulie" Castellano, was found on the sidewalk in front of Sparks Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan. Bodyguard Thomas Bilotti lies at the far left. John Gotti orchestrated his assassination to become the new boss.
Mob associate Fred Weiss' body was found outside his girlfriend's Staten Island condo on September 11, 1989. He was murdered by the DeCavalcante crime family hit team. John Gotti ordered the hit fearing Weiss, facing fraud charges, would turn informant. More than a half-dozen gangsters have been jailed in this one crime
June 28, 1971. The body of mob boss Joseph Colombo is put in a police vehicle minutes after being shot by a non-gangster during a rally of the Italian American Coalition at Columbus Circle. Colombo lingers in a coma for years. Rival Joey Gallo was suspected of arranging the hit but was never charged.


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