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Monday, September 21, 2009

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano

The federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has scheduled arguments for October 27th on Basciano's appeal on his earlier case and how it might interfere with the upcoming trial. The appeal is why the upcoming case isn't expected to start until early 2010. Gearing up for that trial, Basciano's lawyers are still pressing to get witness immunity for one Danny Reyes. In court papers, Basciano's lawyers insist Reyes can verify that Basciano's so-called hit list was only a Santeria list. The defense also claims Reyes can buttress the defense that it was Joseph Massino, and not Basciano, who came up with idea to try and kill prosecutor Greg Andres, who was never harmed. The defense said in its filings that cooperating witness "Richard Berte" who was housed in the federal Manhattan detention center indicated that it was Massino's original idea to kill Andres. All of this is spelled out in Chapter 28 of "King of The Godfathers."



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