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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Victoria Gotti claims father, John Gotti, let Gotti Junior leave the mob

John A. (Junior) Gotti may have been given permission to leave the mob by his father during a 1999 jailhouse visit with the Teflon Don, CBS reported Saturday night.

Gotti, who is facing his fourth trial on racketeering charges in five years, asked his father, John Gotti Sr., for permission to take a plea deal in his 1999 trial.

The wish was granted and may have been an unspoken grant to leave the Gambino family, said Victoria Gotti on "48 Hours Mystery" Saturday night.

"John, I'm not saying don't take this plea if you get what you want," the Teflon Don said to his son on the tape. "As a father, I want you to be happy."

Two months later, Junior Gotti pleaded guilty to the racketeering charges and served five years in prison.

The conversation was captured on videotape in February 1999 when Gotti visited his father at the federal prison hospital in Springfield, Mo., where he was serving a life sentence. Gotti Sr. died in a prison hospital in June 2002.

A portion of the tape was played in March 2006, when Gotti was being tried a second time on racketeering charges.


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