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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barber chair could mean doom for reputed Gambino soldier - as it was for slain 'Mad Hatter' uncle

His uncle was murdered in a barber chair - and now the nephew of Murder Inc. boss Albert Anastasia could be doomed by haircuts he got on Staten Island.

Reputed Gambino soldier Anthony (Todo) Anastasio went on trial for racketeering in Brooklyn Federal court Wednesday, and his chitchat at the salon is the key evidence.

In opening arguments, Anastasio's lawyer joked that his client got haircuts - not manicures like some mob toughs - at Guys and Dolls salon.

The feds had a bug in the salon that picked up a conversation in which Anastasio discussed the Gambino family's illicit grip on the waterfront.

The tapes could send him to prison for 20 years - effectively a death sentence for the 80-year-old wiseguy.

Anastasio is charged with extorting a trucking company and the owners of Royal Crown Bakery in Brooklyn and ordering the near-fatal torching of a Dunkin' Donuts.

Defense lawyer Paul Bergman described Anastasio as a hard-of-hearing ex-longshoreman who worked at a travel agency.

His uncle, known as the "Mad Hatter" and Murder Inc.'s "Lord High Executioner," was rubbed out while getting a shave in the Park Sheraton Hotel in 1957.


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