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Friday, October 30, 2009

Basciano Trial Update

The matter of Dominick Cicale again crops up in the Basciano case. The government submitted a letter to Judge Nicholas Garaufis asking that certain Bureau of Prison documents dealing with the Cicale false murder plot investigation be redacted to take out the names of individuals held in a witness security unit and also information about the unit.  The government is being real sensitive about the witnesses and the WITSEC unit, asking that any filings of the Bureau of Prisons with the Court of Appeals, where Basciano's case was recently argued, also be kept under seal and that only initials be used todenote inmates.  The false murder plot is referred to Cat page 310 of the trade paperback version of "King of The Godfathers" and deals with allegations that Cicale asked another inmate in a federal jail to tell guards that Basciano wanted Cicale killed in the jail. 



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