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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gotti trial delayed as Junior whines of stomach pains

Being on trial can sometimes be a real pain in the ... stomach?
That's what John "Junior" Gotti complained of this morning for a second straight day -- forcing a federal judge to temporarily halt the former Gambino boss' racketerering trial and giving a food-weary jury an extended lunch.
Gotti's lawyer Charles Carnesi said Junior was "not well" and suffering from "significant pain."
"His stomach is still bothering him," Carnesi told reporters following a morning of testtimony in Manhattan federal court.
Asked if it was another bout of kidney stones, which Junior had to deal with earlier this year, Carnesi said he did not know.
Judge Kevin Castel did not tell the jury the reason for the delay, telling them, "Sometimes in the course of a trial ... schedules need to be adjusted. Plans need to be adjusted."
"My son is sick," mob matriarch Victoria Gotti fumed to a Post reporter outside court.
While Gotti's stomach hurt, that of the jurors was empty. In fact, the jury will be allowed this afternoon to go out to lunch after they complained of the take-out they'd been munching on the past few weeks.
The judge did not disclose the name of the restaurant inside the courtroom, telling jurors they could either meet at the eatery or walk there as a group accompanied by a US marshall.
Gotti is on trial for a fourth time in Manhattan after the feds' previous three attempts to put him behind bars ended in either a hung jury or mistrial.
The son of former boss John "Dapper Don" Gotti is on trial, accused of racketeering and his involvement in three mob murders.


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