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Monday, October 5, 2009

Junior Gotti Trial Update

Junior Gotti's former pal John Alite apparently has no respect for the mob scion as reported by Alison Gendar and Larry Mcshane for the Daily News:

The mob turncoat testifying against John A. (Junior) Gotti doesn't just want to send him to jail - he wants to publicly humiliate and ridicule his former boss and best friend. John Alite tied his former buddy to at least seven homicides in Gotti's fourth federal trial - but seemed to take the most glee in portraying Gotti as a petty, foul-mouthed tyrant who never stood up to his legendary father, John Gotti Sr.

Further reporting on Alite's portrayal of Junior by John Riley for Newsday:

He portrayed Gotti, 45, of Oyster Bay, as autocratic, greedy, impatient, insecure about measuring up to his father, mean to his friends and unwilling to stand up for members of his crew. * * * As a boss, Alite said, Gotti was "dictatorial" and abusive, saying it was a "regular ritual" for him to berate his friends and associates as stupid and inept, knowing they couldn't retaliate because he was a Gotti. "Nobody liked him and a lot of people hated him," Alite testified. He said he thought the attitude came from Gotti's father, recalling a fierce argument he overheard between the feared mob chieftain and his son while sleeping over at the Gotti house. "' -- all your friends,'" Alite said the father shouted. "Use 'em and abuse 'em.' . . . That's what he [Junior Gotti] did. He used us and he abused us." Sometimes the abuse was limited to verbal tantrums. * * * But it also included violence.


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