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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mob turncoat once lied to federal grand jury

The star witness at the John "Junior" Gotti trial admitted on the stand today that he once lied to a federal gand jury, saying he "was very good at it" and "not willing to cooperate" at the time.

John Alite said he lied to the grand jury in Brooklyn federal court on May 11, 1999, when prosecutors asked him about Gotti and mobster Ronnie Trucchio.

"I could have said anything," Alite said during his testimony in Manhattan federal court. "I lied like crazy on the streets. That's what I did to stay alive. ... I was very good at it."

Prosecutors are banking on Alite to help them convict Gotti of racketeering and his involvement in five mob-style murders.

During cross-examination, Alite was grilled by Gotti's lawyer Charles Carnesi, who tried to eat away at the mob turncoat's credibility.

Reading from a grand jury transcript, Carnesi asked Alite if he had ben truthful in the past.

"Was I telling the truth then? No," Alite replied.

Alite added that in "those days. I lied about everything. I wasn't willing to cooperate. ... I just did my usual dance."

At the time, the feds had asked Alite where Gotti liked to hang out.

"I don't know," said Alite, according to the transcript read aloud in court by Carnesi during questioning.

Asked why the jury should believe him now, Alite said, "It's different. I wouldn't do it here."

Before the trial took a lunch break, Gotti could be seen winking to Carnesi as he walked back to the defense table.



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