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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reputed Genovese Capo Carlo Mastrototaro Dies

Reputed Genovese capo Carlo Mastrototaro, a restaurateur who allegedly controlled Worscester, MA for the last fifty years, died yesterday at the age of 89 as reported by Jay Whearley for the Telegram & Gazette:

One of his convictions was in 1971 in Baltimore federal court after he was tried for aiding and abetting in the transportation of three stolen U.S. Treasury bills. The man who stole the treasury bills, Boston and Providence mob figure Vincent "Big Vinnie" Teresa, testified against Mr. Mastrototaro in exchange for a reduced sentence. Two years later, Mr. Teresa wrote a tell-all book called "My Life in the Mafia," in which he described Mr. Mastrototaro as "the boss of Worcester" and "the fourth most powerful boss in the current New England hierarchy of crime." There are numerous references in the book to Mr. Mastrototaro, some linking him to Mafia-backed casinos that operated in Haiti and pre-communist Cuba, as well as to Meyer Lansky, a notorious figure in mob annals who was regarded as a financial genius.

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