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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reputed mob killer Tommy Shots Gioeli says prison is hazardous to his health

To hear Tommy Shots tell it, jail is for the birds.
No toenail clippers. Too many potatoes. And those mattresses are so hard.
The reputed mob killer - real name: Thomas Gioeli - came to court Tuesday with an impressive list of complaints about the federal lockup in Brooklyn.
"What he needs most immediately is a toenail clipper," defense lawyer Adam Perlmutter said in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Prosecutors told U.S. Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes the request might pose a "security issue" because Gioeli - said to be the acting boss of the Colombo crime family - is in solitary confinement, where sharp instruments are banned.
That raised another issue: the only eating utensil Gioeli has is a spoon.
"He's taken the position that if he's not given an instrument to cut his food, he's not going to eat it because he doesn't want to choke on it," Perlmutter said.
Choking is a danger because Gioeli's dental bridge is broken. Not that he's crazy about the jail's starch-heavy menu anyway.
"They're giving him rice and French fries with his hamburger," Perlmutter said. "It's just not a proper diet for someone with diabetes."
It went on like that for nearly an hour.
"It seems like I'm turning into a social worker," Reyes said.
Gioeli claims he developed a rash in the cell, which has no hot water. When he requested cleaning supplies, he was given a Styrofoam cup with disinfectant and three sheets of paper towels.
His prison problems seemed to magnify after he was moved to solitary for safety, after a death threat was phoned into the prison.
During the transfer, his orthopedic shoes went missing. The special "egg-shell mattress" for his back wasn't sent to the new cell, either, so he's forced to sleep on a paper-thin bed covering.
And the move meant changes in Gioeli's commissary privileges.
"So instead of Bubblicious, he gets Trident?" the judge cracked.
All kidding aside, Reyes said the lack of treatment for Gioeli's heart condition and diabetes are serious. He ordered the feds to come back with a status report in two weeks or said he might consider releasing Gioeli on bail.
Gioeli is charged in the killings of Frank "Chestnut" Marasa in 1991; John Minerva and Michael Imbergamo in 1992; Richard Greaves in 1995, and former Colombo underboss William "Wild Bill" Cutolo, whose corpse was unearthed last year not far from Gioeli's home in Farmingdale, L.I.


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