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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bonanno Scion Murdered

Daniel Bonanno, the son of the late William Bonanno, was found murdered in a parked pickup truck on November 9 in Hawaii the day after he had been released from a five-year stretch in prison on a theft conviction as reported by Paul Curtis for The Garden Island:
[Kaua'i Police Department] Assistant Chief Roy Asher . . .  said he has evidence that Bonanno is linked to the East Coast organized crime family bearing his last name, but declined to elaborate. Police know what the murder weapon is, Asher said, but can’t divulge that information without jeopardizing the investigation. The assistant chief would not reveal the extent of injuries Bonanno suffered, so that if a witness does come forth they will be able to tell from the witness testimony whether the person was really there when the murder took place. He also would not say whether the murder was a professional hit, but did confirm that the investigation is still KPD's and has not been taken over by any state or federal law-enforcement or investigative agency.


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