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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Former G-man Runs For Congress

Michael Grimm, a former FBI special agent who once worked undercover as "Mikey Suits" for the New York field office's Gambino squad, is running for Congress from Staten Island, NY, and in a twist of irony his primary opponent is Michael Allegretti "whose late father, Alfred, spent the last years of his life denying suggestions that his company was linked to the Gambino clan" as reported by David Saltonstall for the Daily News:
Allegretti's family owns Bayside Fuel Oil Corp., which in the mid-1990s lost millions of dollars in city contracts after a top Gotti capo, Joseph (Joe Butch) Corrao, was found to be on the company's payroll. The younger Allegretti was never linked to that chapter in his family's history, which unfolded when he was a teenager. * * * "The man worked there, he was convicted and he was fired," Allegretti said of Corrao. "We were as shocked as anyone to learn about who he was."


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