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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update: Vincent Basciano Trial

After Dominick Cicale testified in the case of John A. Gotti Jr., Vincent Basciano's lawyers are asking the government to turnover docuemnts which show the movement of Basciano and Gotti when they were both lodged at the Metropolitan Correction Center.  This was the period in "King of The Godfather's "when Basciano in Chapter 28 has been arrested but before he went into solitary.  Cicale testified that Basciano had a conversation with Gotti and related that the Gambino mobster said "that with the current times and all the government informants, all the wiretaps, that is is foolish for us not to admit that organized crime exists." Cicale testified further that Gotti told Basciano he was going to argue that he had no part of organized crime and that Joey D'Angelo would testify Gotti had quit the life.  The government is trying to show that Gotti's defense is a ruse.



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