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Friday, December 4, 2009

Bonanno Family Update

As reported on Newsday.com on December 2, Yvonne Rossetti, the Howard Beach mom who plead guilty to running her own little scams, was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay back $603,000 in restitution in Brooklyn federal court. Judge Raymond Dearie was apparently taken by the fact that Rossetti was the sole caregiver of her crippled elder daughter, Jessica, so he seems to have cut her some slack. Rossetti and her husband Vincent are featured in Chapter 28 of the trade paperback version of "King of The Godfathers," which described how she is alleged to have bilked people in a real estate scheme and then became targeted for a shakedown when she couldn't pay back a $100,000 investment. She plead guilty in February to the real estate scheme and also to a $100,000 medical billing scam. She could have got up to 47 months in jail. Prosecutor Patricia Notopolous told the court how Rossetti ,43,used the sympathy elicited by her daughter's illness to convince people, including relatives, to give her money.  Some of the relatives were in court and later said they never got the money back. Rossetti cried and said she was sorry. She was escorted out the back door by federal agents, a sign that she might still be cooperating.  She was allegedly the object of a Bonanno shakedown attempt in a case which led to over 12 crime family associates and reputed members getting indicted.  Among them was Nicholas Santora. But Santora never admitted when he pled in the case to extorting Rossetti. He recently got out of prison. 



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