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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Junior Gotti Celebrates Xmas without any Jurors from latest trial

None of the jurors took up John A. (Junior) Gotti Jr.'s invitation to Christmas dinner.
But the recently freed son of the Teflon Don was in a merry mood anyway and celebrated the day with family and friends.
"I had no way of contacting them [the jurors]," said Gotti outside his Oyster Bay, L.I., mansion Friday afternoon as he returned from some last-minute Christmas shopping.
The jurors, who were not identified, deadlocked over murder and racketeering charges against Gotti, triggering a mistrial on Dec. 1 that enabled him to be home for the holidays.
"Come to my house for Christmas," an exuberant Gotti said moments after the verdict was announced at his fourth trial in five years.
The previous three trials also ended with hung juries.
"I didn't hear from anybody," the second-generation Gambino boss said Friday, as he and a friend pulled two large Christmas wreaths off the top of his car.
"C'mon, not today, it's Christmas," Gotti told a Daily News reporter who was asking questions. Then Gotti and his friend hung the wreaths on Gotti's fence.
"I'm going to cook Christmas dinner," said Gotti, disappearing inside. Gotti spent 16 months in prison awaiting trial, much of the time in solitary confinement.


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