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Friday, January 8, 2010

Colombo Wiseguys take ex-pol LeBoutillier for $18.5G in scheme to rescue American POWs from Vietnam War

An alleged errand boy for a jailed Colombo gangster was charged Thursday with scamming an ex-congressman out of $18,500 in a phony scheme to rescue American POWs.
John LeBoutillier, a wealthy blue blood Republican who was elected to Congress in 1980, has been on a personal crusade to locate dozens of U.S. prisoners of the Vietnam War he thinks are held in Belarus.
"If I was scammed, I feel betrayed," LeBoutillier told the Daily News.
LeBoutillier said he sought the help of reputed Colombo capo Frank (Frankie Blue Eyes) Sparaco, who is serving a 24-year sentence for murder and claimed he knew inmates with contacts in Eastern Europe.
Court papers allege that Charles (Charlieboy) Guiga acted as a go-between for Sparaco, retyping and correcting misspelled words in letters to LeBoutillier and collecting money for sham investigative services.
Guiga, 39, a deliveryman for a florist, was arrested at his Brooklyn home yesterday by FBI agents. He was charged with mail fraud and released on $300,000 bond. Sparaco has not been charged.
"The whole idea was to bring American POWs home, so if that's not going to happen, they have been betrayed also," LeBoutillier said.


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