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Friday, January 29, 2010

Gambino backed Associates convicted of Racketeering

Phillip J. Bauco has pleaded guilty in Hartford, CT to a racketeering conspiracy charge for his role in an illegal gambling operation as reported by Edmund H. Mahony for the Hartford Courant:
Federal prosecutors said the role that Phillip J. Bauco, 56, of Bridgeport, played in the conspiracy was to collect losing bets from gamblers and payoffs from bookmakers who were under the control of the gambling ring, which operated from Bridgeport to New Haven. Federal prosecutors said Bauco and his associates once tried to force an independent bookmaker to make protection payments to them. Bauco owns Auto Town Sales in Stratford, and the gambling ring used the business as a headquarters, prosecutors said.
Bauco and his co-defendant Raul "Sonny" Suner were indicted last June, and at that time Edmund H. Mahonet reported for the Hartford Courant:
Suner and Bauco claimed that they had Gambino family backing and that the New York gangsters had authorized Suner to run illegal sports betting operations in New Haven and Bridgeport, according to the indictment. The U.S. attorney's office said the two used "threats, violence and intimidation" to persuade bookmakers and gamblers to work and bet with them. When mobsters take over bookmaking operations, they customarily collect a percentage of the profits, ostensibly in return for providing protection and assistance with collecting debts from losing bettors.


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