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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poll Results: What Is The Biggest Reason For The Decline Of The Five Families?

Sammy GravanoTurncoat Gambino Underboss Sammy Gravano via Wikipedia
The following are the results of the poll: 58 total votes

Turncoats/Informants: 28 votes - 48%
Law Enforcement (FBI, Justice Department, etc): 12 votes - 20%
Changing Population Dynamics: 12 votes - 20%
Drug Dealing: 4 votes - 6%
Rise of Other Ethnic Gangs: 2 votes - 3%

A vast majority of our readers feel that informants such as Sammy Gravano and Joe Massino have contributed the most to the decline of the the Five Families. The old school vow of "omerta" no longer promotes the insulation and protection for the Mob like it once did. Law Enforcement and Changing Population Dynamics are tied for second. Increased surveillance sophistication by agencies have caused a headache for the Mob from day one.

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Salvatore VitaleTurncoat Bonanno Underboss Sal Vitale via Wikipedia

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