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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My son, the rat!

Talk about family feuds!
Scorned father and Colombo crime-family soldier Frank "Frankie Camp" Campione, 65, lashed out at his son Michael for ratting him out to the FBI in an angry eight-page letter submitted into evidence yesterday.
"Michael, that is a no-no. You don't call those Rat Bastard's [sic] on nobody. Never mind you own father. What were you thinking?" Campione wrote.
The goodfella is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty last year in Brooklyn federal court to trying to shake down a Levittown, LI, joker-poker parlor.
Campione was busted in June 2008 in a sweeping FBI roundup of dozens of organized-crime members, including acting Colombo boss Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli, 56.
In the letter, Campione rants, "You are my son and you came from my balls and you should have known better. You have totally crushed me beyond repair."
The wounded patriarch pinned the blame on his wife, writing, "A rat is the worse thing that anybody can be as far as I'm concerned, I guess you learned that trait from your mother, but she's a woman and doesn't understand the laws of the land and family tradition."
Writing is apparently the only way the wiseguy can reach his son, because, according to the letter, Michael refuses to take his father's phone calls.
"Keeping the phone off the hook and telling people that the phone's [sic] are broke. What do you think people are fools," Campione wrote.
The mobster became so angry over the phone issue, he got into a fight with a prison guard and was thrown into solitary.
"I became frustrated and angry and got into a beef and threatened some Rat Cop in here and am in the hole right now," he wrote.
Campione also accuses Michael of cutting him off from his grandchildren and selling his car while he's in jail.
"You think that I don't know that you sold my car," he writes. "I knew this since last year. You want to rob from me, your own father, who is in jail and sick and helpless."
The letter was submitted by federal prosecutors to show Campione's lack of remorse and his dedication to the Colombo family.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/my_son_the_rat_Z6RgSQtbjS0AMMithNdhCO#ixzz0cB1aJFKg


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