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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wake And Funeral For Nick Rizzuto Jr.

Following his murder last Monday hundreds of friends and family paid their respects last night at the wake for Nick Rizzuto Jr. who is the son of reputed Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto currently serving a ten year sentence in a U.S. prison on a racketeering conviction involving the 1981 murder of three Bonanno crime family capos as reported by Jason Magder for The Montreal Gazette:
As visitors came and went, they were watched by four police officers in two vans parked across the street. There was a heavy police presence as squad cars were parked in lots interspersed through the mostly industrial neighbourhood.
Video:  Rizzuto Wake
The funeral for Nick Rizzuto Jr. took place at 11:00 this morning at Madonna della Defesa Church in Montreal's Little Italy section as reported by Irwin Block for The Montreal Gazette:
Grandfather Niccolo Rizzuto Jr., the dead man's namesake, was in attendance despite being on probation, wearing his trademark fedora. But there was no sign of Nick Jr.'s father, Vito Rizzuto. * * * In addition to the public, the funeral has attracted the attention of police videographers who are filming every person walking into the church.
Video:  A Brief History Of The Rizzuto Clan:  Part I  Part II Part III


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