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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mirage Makes The News... Again

In the latest incident surrounding the Mirage nightclub in Tampa, FL two men were shot on Friday morning, and "before fleeing in a vehicle, the shooter pointed a gun at an officer and tried to run over another" as reported by Jessica Vander Velde for the St. Petersburg Times:  "Police tracked down the suspect after he showed up at Brandon Regional Hospital with a gunshot wound to his right arm."  Mirage apparently attracts the troubled among its clientele:  "Police are regularly called to Mirage. From August 2008 to August 2009, there were 137 calls for service — that's about one call for each night the club was open."  According to the St. Petersburg Times article, in 2008 federal prosecutors alleged that Mirage was "a mob investment founded on dirty money":  "Indictments filed that year against six people — including alleged Gambino mob boss John A. 'Junior' Gotti — listed Mirage as one of the mob's investments."  Also among those indicted was James V. Cadicamo who reportedly is identified in state records as a principal in the business.  Download Indictment Against James V. Cadicamo


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