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Friday, March 26, 2010

Former Bonanno Boss Begs Judge: Let Me Stay In Solitary

It's last exit to Brooklyn for Vinny Gorgeous.
Former Bonanno crime boss Vincent Basciano told a judge Thursday he would rather rot in solitary confinement in Brooklyn than be sent to the Supermax prison in Colorado.
Basciano is awaiting a death penalty trial that will be not be held until spring of 2011 at the earliest because of motions and appeals. The judge was thinking of sending him west to start serving a life sentence for a 2007 racketeering and murder conviction until the new trial starts.
No thanks, the wiseguy said. "[Supermax] is three times worse than where I am now," Basciano told Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis.
Basciano has been designated by the Bureau of Prisons to serve his sentence at Supermax, where the most dangerous inmates are caged.
For the past 44 months, he's been at the federal lockup in Brooklyn - under lockdown conditions usually reserved for terrorists because of an alleged plot to kill government witnesses, a prosecutor and Garaufis.
Still, Basciano has managed to play the system like a maestro.
He gets visits from his ex-wife and mistress at the Brooklyn jail and has five lawyers working on his upcoming murder trial and appeals - at taxpayer expense.

Yesterday, he refused to come to court because it was his visiting day at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Garaufis said he was ready to order U.S. Marshals to use force to bring him in, but after conferring with the warden simply granted Basciano a makeup visiting day.

"I'll always come to court when you want me to," Basciano assured the judge.


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