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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gambinos Sentenced In Murder Conspiracy

Michael DiLeonardoTurncoat Gambino Captain Michael DiLeonardo via Wikipedia
Two Gambino crime family associates -- Letterio DeCarlo and Thomas Dono -- were each sentenced to 180 months in prison "for their participation in a conspiracy that resulted in the 1998 murder of Frank Hydell" in order to prevent him from cooperating with the feds.  The feds state:
In late 1997 or early 1998, various members and associates of the Gambino Organized Crime Family suspected Frank Hydell of cooperating with the Government. Gambino Family soldier Thomas "Huck" Carbonaro and Gambino Family associates Letterio DeCarlo, Thomas Dono, John Matera, and others plotted to murder Hydell to prevent him from providing information to the Government concerning, among other things, the murder of Frank Parasole in 1997. On the night of April 27 and into the morning of April 28, 1998, John Matera, a close friend of Hydell's, lured Hydell to a strip club on Staten Island, New York. Later that night, as Hydell was leaving the club, he was shot dead at close range in front of his car. The evidence at trial showed that Carbonaro later indicated that he was the getaway driver for the murder, that his associate Edmund Boyle was the shooter, that Matera lured Hydell to the strip club, and that his nephews, DeCarlo and Dono, also planned and were present at the scene of the murder. In addition, as part of the plot to murder Hydell, other membersof the Gambino Family, including Gambino Organized Crime Family Captain Michael DiLeonardo and Gambino Family Soldier Frank Fappiano, conspired with Carbonaro and others to carry out the murder.
Download DOJ Press Release On Letterio DeCarlo and Thomas Dono Sentencing
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