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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reputed Gambino-tied Heist Man Arrested

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Afrim Kupa, allegedly "a professional heist man . . . with ties to the Gambino crime family," has been charged by the feds in connection with robbing a Brooklyn bank a year ago as reported by John M. Annese for the Staten Island Advance:
Afrim Kupa, 37, and a crew of burglars used a blowtorch to cut through the roof of the Astoria Federal Savings Bank at 4302 18th Ave. back in February 2009, and made off with 64 safe deposit boxes, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation. Though federal court papers value the haul at more than $250,000 in cash, jewelry and gold coins, the source said Kupa and his crew may have found significantly more to steal, since safe deposit box owners rarely tell authorities how much cash they're storing, for tax reasons. * * * Kupa at one point worked with Miami "club king" and mafia turncoat Chris Paciello, who has been romantically linked to the pop singer Madonna in recent years, the source said.
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