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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sicilian Mobster Accused of Making Threat

Roberto Settineri, arrested last week in Miami, FL pursuant to an alleged international Mafia sweep that ranged from New York, NY to Palermo, Sicily, had a brush with the law in January as reported by Jay Weaver for The Miami Herald:
As he was eating al fresco at Soprano Cafe on Lincoln Road, Settineri opened his leather jacket to flash a handgun at a private security officer, a police report states. "I will put this gun in your f-----g mouth,'' Settineri told the security officer, the report says. "I know where you live. I'll go to your house and kill you and your family.'' Miami Beach police eventually caught up with Settineri, who denied threatening the guard with his firearm. The cops arrested Settineri, 41, of Miami, on an aggravated assault charge, a third-degree felony. But that's the least of his problems. Last week, FBI agents arrested Italian-born Settineri, a naturalized U.S. citizen who works as a wine wholesaler, on obstruction of justice and money laundering charges in connection with Rothstein's $1.2 billion investment scam. Federal authorities also accuse him of being connected to the mafia's Colombo and Gambino crime families. At the same time, Italian National Police officers flew to Miami and revealed charges accusing Settineri of belonging to the Sicilian mafia and participating in a slew of violent crimes. Settineri was a regular on Lincoln Road, where he sold wine to restaurants lining the popular pedestrian way.


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