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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carmine Gotti Snubbed

John GottiJohn Gotti via Wikipedia
Carmine Gotti, grandson of the late Gambino boss John Gotti and son of Mafia Princess Victoria Gotti, was snubbed last night at a NYC nightclub by Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade as reported by Page Six for the New York Post:
A source said: "Gotti was celebrating his birthday upstairs and was excited to hear Wade was downstairs. He headed down and asked to meet Wade, who responded, 'There's no way I'm meeting the Gottis or having my photo taken with them.' Gotti's security guard got into a scuffle with Wade's. Gotti then headed back to his friends looking visibly upset, and Wade, who felt uncomfortable with the situation, decided to leave."
In addition to celebrating his 24th birthday at the M2 club -- located in the downtown meat packing section of the city -- the Growing Up Gotti star was there to debut "Jealous" which is the first track off his new album as reported by Page Six for the New York Post.
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