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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gambino Snitch Hooked 14 In Mob Run Internet Teen Prostitution Ring

Last photo of John Gotti, taken by the Bureau ...Last Photo Of A Dying John Gotti
A new crop of Gambino soldiers and wanna-bes were sunk by loose lips - and a snitch involved in their teenage hooker ring who wore a wire for six months.

The informant made more than 40 recordings, capturing up to 200 hours of conversations - some of the ammo behind this week's indictment of 14 wiseguys.

He went to the feds and betrayed his associates because he didn't want to get in any deeper with trafficking underage girls through craigslist, a source said.

The tapes include one of the Gambino crew members telling a 15-year-old prostitute how to handle a customer who disgusted her, court records revealed.

What's not on the recordings is the voice of reputed Gambino boss Daniel Marino, charged with racketeering and the murder of two suspected mob canaries.

Marino's name does come up repeatedly as one of the men in charge of the crime gang once run by John (Dapper Don) Gotti, sources said.

Gambino soldier Onofrio (Noel) Modica wasn't as discreet.

The 46-year-old father of three was caught on at least 17 recordings, chatting about extortion and loansharking, prosecutors said.

Modica's lawyer Matthew Mari said the feds tried to flip his client last week, approaching him on his way to physical therapy.

They told him if he cooperated, he could walk away from the charges. He refused - "and that's why he's arrested now," Mari said in Manhattan Federal Court.

Prosecutors said they have "powerful evidence" of Modica's involvement in murders, but Mari said it's a case of guilt by association. "Modica is not in the mob. He knows a lot of people in the mob," Mari insisted.



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