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Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Gambino Crew Member Wanted Surrenders

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The last Gambino crew member wanted for pimping out a 15-year-old girl surrendered to FBI agents at a fast-food restaurant on Staten Island Thursday night, authorities said.
Steven (Stevie) Maiurro, 31, ducked and ran Tuesday when FBI agents picked up the other Gambino members accused of running a prostitution ring selling young teen girls on Craigslist.
"Associates, family members, everyone told Maiurro that he was wanted. His photo was everywhere, so he did the right thing and turned himself in, to get the heat off his family," a law enforcement source said.
Maiurro was driving the girls to their various "appointments," and a witness plans to testify that it was Maiurro who rented a Staten Island apartment for the 15-year-old girl his crew was selling, according to court documents.
Gambino soldier Thomas Orefice is credited with coming up with the idea of recruiting girls from strip clubs to work as hookers and personally approved the 15-year-old runaway to work, prosecutors charged.
Much of the ammo against the crew comes from taped conversations made by an informant over at last six months, sources said.
The sex business was just one of a string of charges lodged against the gangsters, which included more traditional offenses like racketeering, extortion and murder.
Mob boss Daniel Marino was slapped with orchestrating the murders of two informants, but kept clear of the sex trade, according to court records.
"Marino is old school. If he thought anyone was selling off little girls, he would have racked up another homicide," a source said.
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