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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano

Vinny Gorgeous, US Attorney's OfficeVinny Gorgeous by Thomas Roche via Flickr
Vincent Basciano lost out on an attempt to keep court filings about his visits with family and telephone calls secret. Judge Nicholas Garaufis said that documents filed by Basciano to get additional visiting time with his family, as well as his minor son Anthony, should be kept on the public docket. Garaufis said that Basciano's submissions were not only judicial documents of the type traditionally made public but that the privacy interest of Anthony (the court didn't name him) weren't "sufficiently compelling reason to justify withholding judicial documents from public disclosure." Garaufis is allowing Basciano and prosecutors three weeks to go over earlier submissions to see if their is anything they want to redact from the pages. From now on everything will be filed in the open, said the court.  

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