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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alleged Genovese Associates Are Sentenced

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Brothers Felice, Angelo and Anthony Masullo were sentenced today in a Manhattan federal court to 41 months, seven months, and one year and a day, respectively, following their guilty pleas last November according to a press release by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  The three men were among a dozen indicted in February 2009 which targeted the Genovese crime family including reputed ex-acting boss Daniel "The Lion" Leo and reputed New Jersey boss Anthony Palumbo.  The press release states:
Felice Masullo was an up-and-coming associate in the Genovese Family, and had been proposed to be a made Soldier in the Genovese Family. Felice Masullo was a member of co-defendant Anthony Palumbo's crew and functioned, in part, as Palumbo's driver, accompanying him to meetings and delivering messages between Palumbo and other members and associates of the Genovese Family. In furtherance of the Genovese Family's criminal endeavors, Felice Masullo operated a loansharking and gambling business, and also financed the purchase of distribution quantities of cocaine by a confidential informant. In connection with his criminal businesses, Felice Masullo relied on the assistance of two of his brothers, Angelo Masullo and Anthony Masullo, who, among other things, collected cash payments from loansharking victims and gamblers. Felice Masullo, Anthony Masullo, and Angelo Masullo operated these illegal businesses out of a restaurant they operated together in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York.
Daniel Leo, already serving a 60-month sentence on an extortion conviction, and his nephew Joseph Leo, a reputed lieutenant in the crime family already is serving a 46-month sentence, both pleaded guilty last January to federal racketeering charges involving loan sharking and conspiring to operate an illegal gambling business in connection with the indictment.
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