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Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Interview With Ex Gambino Crime Family Member Andrew DiDonato

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Andrew DiDonato was what can only be called a career criminal. So certain was he of his destiny that he dropped out of school to work full time on his criminal calling. It was not long before his talent was recognized by the Gambino Family and inducted into their world.

He had just released a DVD Surviving The Mob that chronicles his life, it is a chilling tale.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew for an hour and talk about his life and this new DVD. Surviving The Mob was produced by Las Vegas based company 2reelproductions, and they deserve credit for the approach taken. Rather than use the traditional format of interviewing Andrew DiDonato’s acquaintances and various experts, the simply sat him down in front of a camera and let him tell his story.
Andrew’s crime life ceased in 1997 when he became a government witness. As he puts it, it was a life or death decision. The Gambino Family had put a price on his head and it was only a matter of time before someone came to claim the bounty.
Although he was only a foot soldier for the Gambino family he proved to be a very valuable witness for the government, including their case against John Gotti Jr.
Although he was part of the Witness Protection Program he still had to pay his debt to society and did some jail time.
In the interview we touched on last weeks news concerning the Gambino Family, 14 of them were arrested on various RICO related charges, and also implicated in an under age prostitution operation. The prostitution of under age girls was apparently an online operation through Craigslist. Andrew pointed out that he was an old school gangster (his words) and that kind of activity would not have occurred in his day. He also said something very interesting. During his tenure the heads of the family knew everything that was going on, and it is unlikely that that situation has changed. Knowledge is an important weapon, and one that is vital to the well being of the family. Great care is taken to not bring unnecessary attention to themselves.
Andrew seems to think that the new breed of Organized Crime members are ignoring the cardinal rule of staying within the regular lines of business.
You can listen to the interview in its entirety here.
I have been talking with Andrew DiDonato and he has agreed to share some of his knowledge with me. Look out for some further articles, we are planning on talking about the Witness Protection Plan and how it really works. It is not like the ending scene of John Grishom’s The Pelican Brief, there is no Gulfstream Jet, and no large sack of cash. You won’t want to miss this series. This will be a very unique glimpse into a world that few people understand.
We will also be looking at the recent Gambino Family arrests, Andrew DiDonato can offer us some insights to at least one of the people indicted. Stay Tuned.
To order your copy of Surviving The Mob just click on the amazon link below.
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