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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Probe Nets 3 Crime Family Members

Three members of the same family have been charged as operatives of a multimillion-dollar organized crime-run sports betting operation that charged exorbitant interest rates on loans and extorted payments from gamblers and others, Rockland law enforcement authorities said today.
Authorities said during a news conference today that the 18-month investigation is continuing into the leaders and other members of the gambling ring.
During early morning raids at 11 locations Wednesday, authorities said officers seized $376,081 in cash, 18 weapons, $3 million in bank accounts, nine electronic slot machines, poker chips and computers.
The weapons included high-powered rifles with scopes, automatic handguns and a shotgun.
“These arrests represent the tip of the iceberg,” District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said. “These illicit proceeds often fund other criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, prostitution, auto theft and insurance fraud. This investigation is just getting started and more arrests will be made.”
Arrested during Wednesday raids were Frank John Fea, 70, of New Jersey and his son and daughter-in-law, Alfred Joseph Fea, 44, and Tracey Kosierowski-Fea of Middletown in Orange County.
All three were charged with felony counts of first-degree criminal usury, fourth-degree money laundering, first-degree promoting gambling, first-degree possessing gambling records, and fourth-degree conspiracy. They also were charged with a misdemeanor count of fifth-degree conspiracy.
All three are accused of using a network of individuals and the Internet to handle multiple wagers each month that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly gross revenue.
The illegal bets were placed on a variety of professional sporting events, including Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL and NHL games.
The investigation kicked off 18 months ago with some information out of north Rockland, said Sheriff’s Capt. John Schnitker, who runs the Rockland Intelligence Center, the lead investigators.
Schnitker said the Feas are affiliated with the Genovese crime family operations in Rockland and the Lower Hudson Valley.
Alfred and Tracey Fea run a construction business in Rockland and were released on bail, defense attorney David Goldstein said. Alfred Fea grew up in Rockland.
Alfred Fea posted $25,000 bail, while his wife posted $5,000 bail.
Goldstein represented both Feas in the Clarkstown Justice Court arraignment, but will represent Alfred Fea. Goldstein said Alfred Fea has been arrested before but has not been arrested in more than a decade.
The elder Fea is being held as a fugitive from justice in Bergen County, N.J. He was arrested on possessing guns because of felony convictions.
On an organization chart, Frank Fea is described as an underboss in the gambling operation, with his son and daughter-in-line running a crew.
The spaces for the organization’s boss, second underboss and other hierarchy spots were left blank. Zugibe said investigators will be making additional arrests.
Frank Fea has a long association with organized crime gambling operations, going back to Genovese crime family kingpin Joseph Pagano, Rockland Sheriff James Kralik said.
Pagano ran the mob’s operation in Rockland from his home in Ramapo and neighboring counties.
His son, Daniel Pagano of Ramapo, has been described as a captain in the Genovese crime family and has served federal and state prison time for mob-related convictions.
Many of the weapons were seized from Frank Fea’s multimillion-dollar mansion in Upper Saddle River, N.J., Sheriff James Kralik said.
“He goes way back to the old days of Joe Pagano and his group,” Kralik said of Frank Fea. “He’s an old-time mobster.”



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