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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vinnie wants help of a "writer" to get accross some points

In a letter to Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Vinnie Basciano asked for the appointment of a writer, which in this case means a lawyer who can handle motions about the "hit list" issue.  Vinnie thinks that his current assigned counsel, George Goltzer, is too busy to write such motions.  One thing the defense appears to have uncovered is that there are numerous grand jury witnesses who may have exculpatory evidence for Vinnie's case. But in a letter to the court, government attorneys lead by John Buretta said that Goltzer (although they didn't use his name) is a "very experienced, capable and effective federal practitioner and skilled writer" and has pursued alot of Basciano's defenses. So there is no merit to the claim that Basciano's current assigned counsel can't make appropriate motions, the prosecution contends. Judge Garaufis will decide.



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