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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Life And Times Of A Genovese Family Witness

In Providence, RI Michael Sparfven is making a new life for himself after testifying against reputed Genovese capo Angelo Prisco who was convicted last April in a NYC federal court for the 1992 murder of Angelo Sangiuolo, and Richard Salit provides the back story on Sparfven for The Providence Journal:

Michael Sparfven's ticket out of FCI Edgefield arrived one spring day in 2008 when New York mobster Angelo Prisco landed on Unit B-2 of the medium-security federal prison in South Carolina. Any Italians here? asked Prisco, a longtime captain in the infamous Genovese crime family. Anyone from up north? An inmate pointed at Sparfven, whose days as a charming, jet-setting CEO were bookended by stints in prison for fraud. He wasn't Italian, but he was from Rhode Island. A dropout from East Providence High School, he was comfortable with Mafia types and quickly struck up a friendship with Prisco. One day, according to court records, Prisco told Sparfven that he had arranged a hit on his mobster cousin in 1992. The feds were onto him and Prisco said he would have to rub out some witnesses. Sparfven secretly took notes and then tipped off federal agents.
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