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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mob Canaries Take Court Pounding

The government trotted out the dregs of humanity to take the witness stand in the racketeering case against reputed Genovese capo Anthony "Big Nose" Antico, his defense lawyer said yesterday.

"A parade of some of the most disgraceful human beings on the face of the Earth" is how the alleged mobster's lawyer, Gerald McMahon, described the government's witnesses in closing arguments.

Antico, 74, is charged with shaking down a Staten Island deli, plotting to rob a $1 million lottery winner, running a gambling parlor and ordering the botched robbery of a Staten Island jeweler. The jeweler, Louis Antonelli, was shot twice and died in 2008 from his wounds.

The feds maintain that Antico pulls the strings in the Genovese family and ordered the robbery of Antonelli.



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