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Monday, September 6, 2010

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano Refutes Joseph Massino

Lawyers for Vincent Basciano are throwing around more information about Joe Massino. In a letter dated September 1, 2010 filed in court, the attorneys said that a conversation Massino secretly taped as he talked with Basciano in a jail holding cell in January 2005 indicated prosecutors made some misstatements about events surrounding the murder of Randolph Pizzolo. The killing of Pizzolo is a crime for which Basciano faces the death penalty and is described in "King of The Godfathers." The defense said that contrary to government claims, neither Basciano nor Massino talked about the murder before it happened in late 2004.  Instead, both men talked about it for the first time on January 3, 2005, the defense insists and quotes from a transcript of the tape to prove the point.
              Massino: We talked about everything right?
              Basciano: Right, right, right.
              Massino: You never mentioned one word about Randy (Pizzolo)...That was on a Friday. The following Friday we had a co-defendant meeting that's when you tell me that yous clipped him. Why don't yous tell me that Friday? Why didn't you ask me?
               Basciano: (sighs)
               Masssino: Why didn't you ask me that Friday? You didn't.
               Basciano: It was already in the works beau.
    Based on that, the defense wants the government to retract its claim that both men talked before the killing took place that it would happen. The defense also wants to have a hearing on the discrepancy and the right to call Massino. 


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