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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano

What Did Barone Know and When Did the Feds Know It? The so-called 'hit list" which emerged in the Basciano case and which is discussed in King Of The Godfathers in chapter 28, has become a bone of contention again. In a letter to the federal judge, Basciano's attorneys said they are baffled by a claim by government prosecutors that they aren't aware and can't locate any information provided by Joseph Barone about a plot to kill the judge, Nicholas Garaufis. Barone made the claim in connection with his own Southern District trial during the summer that he provided information which spared the judge's life , a claim which the presiding judge in that trial believed. But now in court papers Brooklyn federal prosecutors, a different office of the government, said they can't find such information. Because of the inconsistent stance of the government on that issue, Basciano is entitled to all information related to his request, said his attorneys.  Garaufis's name was on the hit list, which Basciano maintains was nothing more than a part of a Santeria ritual for good luck in one of his trials.



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