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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Massino Tapes Part 2

During the January 7, 2005 jailhouse conversation Massino had with Vincent Basciano, which was secretly taped, both men talk about the elevation of one "Michael" presumably Michael Mancuso, to a position of power in the Bonanno family.  Massino is secretly cooperating with the FBI and seems to be trying to challenge Basciano, who had been Massino's selection as acting street boss until he got arrested, on the selection of Mancuso. The taping is part of Chapter 28 in "King Of The Godfathers." The transcript is filed now in Brooklyn federal court in Basciano's upcoming trial.
      Basciano: Michael is lookin' for his day in the sun. I put Michael there with your consent, and I appreciated Michael"s...
      Massino: No, you didn't put Michael there with my consent, you did it on your own.
      Basciano: Well, I sent word afterwards.
     Massino: After you did it, what good is that? Well I'm goona be straight up with ya.
     Basciano: Yea.
     Massino: I wouldn't do that to you.... 
 Later on, in a humorous reference, Massino remarks about how there was some suggestion in a magazine that he was friendly with some woman seen with him in a surveillance photo. Massino tells Basciano he didn't even know the woman and that his wife, Josephine had a catty remark about the woman shown in the photo.
   Massino: My daughter tells me yesterday, my wife got a microscope. And she's lookin' and she's tellin' my daughter, she' too old and too fat, daddy wouldn't go with her.
   Basciano: That's your wife's sayin'?


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