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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Former NJ Cop Alleges Mob Unit Has Mob Ties

Map of New Jersey highlighting Bergen CountyImage via WikipediaLast month James Sweeney, a former senior investigator for the Organized Crime Unit in the New Jersey Department of Criminal Justice, filed an explosive lawsuit alleging corruption within the department including that a law enforcement employee identified as MM had a "personal and business relationship" with a reputed Lucchese mobster identified as FL.  The Record has more details on the lawsuit including the possible identification of MM as Michael Mordaga who was the chief of detectives for the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office until his mid-2007 retirement, and the possible identification of FL as Frank Lagano who was whacked in Florida in 2007; however, "Robert Tandy of Montvale, Sweeney's attorney, would not discuss why the lawsuit doesn't identify 'MM' or 'FL' by name," and their identity has not been confirmed:  "Mordaga . . . did not return two phone messages. His attorney, Martin Garbus, declined to comment. Attempts to reach a Lagano family member were unsuccessful."


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