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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FBI Searches For Remains Of Colombo Associate Turned Informant On Long ISland

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FBI agents are digging near a Long Island industrial park this afternoon, hunting for the remains of a reputed Colombo crime family associate who was suspected of being an informant.
The site, a wooded area near Executive Drive, adjacent to a railroad track and Route 110 in East Farmingdale, Nassau County, is being searched by agents assigned to the FBI's evidence recovery team, said Jim Margolin, a bureau spokesman in New York. Margolin declined to identify whose remains the agency was looking for.
Two years ago, the FBI dug unsuccessfully at the same site in an effort to find the body of Ralph Greaves, the Colombo associate suspected of being an informer. Greaves was last seen alive on August 3, 1995.
Agents were again looking for Greaves on Tuesday, after new information surfaced in the case directing feds to look in a new spot at the same site, not far from the location where the previous, two week-long, excavation took place in the past, a law enforcement source said.
Investigators probing Greaves' disappearance believe that around the time he went missing he had been lured to a basement apartment in Brooklyn, where he was shot and killed, according to documents filed in federal court.
Three reputed members of the Colombo crime family, Dino Calabro, Thomas Gioeli and Dino Saracino, who owned the apartment, were charged with Greaves' murder in a June 2008 federal grand jury indictment.
A year and a half ago, in the same area, FBI agents unearthed the body of William Cutolo, who was murdered in a mob struggle in 1999.

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