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Friday, October 15, 2010

Federal Appeals Court Denies Gambino Boss Bail

A federal appeals court has unanimously affirmed a district court's finding that alleged Gambino crime family boss Dan Marino is a "danger to the community" who must remain in jail while awaiting trial:
[C]onsiderable evidence of Marino's prior conduct reveals his disturbing propensity for violence, often in the context of obstruction of justice. Of Marino's four prior felony convictions, two indicate that, at a younger age, Marino was willing to use violence himself, specifically, his 1963 conviction for assaulting a federal officer and his 1975 conviction for criminal possession of a weapon. Marino's other two convictions indicate his willingness to obstruct justice, including by resort to murder. Thus, he was convicted in 1994 for conspiracy to murder a cooperating witness and in 1997 for illegally intercepting the telephone calls of a cooperating witness. * * * The fact of his past violent activities, together with his ongoing ability to direct the conduct of criminal confederates, provided clear and convincing evidence of the present danger he posed. Indeed, this conclusion is reinforced by the grand jury's determination that, even from jail, Marino could order the murder of a government witness.
Marino was indicted last April with thirteen other suspected Gambino members and associates who were variously charged on racketeering, murder, sex trafficking, sex trafficking of a minor, jury tampering, extortion, assault, narcotics trafficking, wire fraud, loansharking, and gambling charges.  Last September defendant Suzanne Porcelli pleaded guilty for her role in the alleged Gambino teen prostitution ring which prosecutors say involved girls as young as fifteen-years-old.
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